Socrates New Polity

Dutch Edition

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Polity is different from politics. Polity refers to society, i.e. a nation or the world at large as political entity, while politics more narrowly refers to the process in which the government and legislators conduct their business. More and more politics has acquired it's own dynamics resulting in a weakening of the link between those who govern and the ones being governed.

New Polity refers to the ambition to restore the link between society at large and the political process. When I say restore I do not mean I believe that we should aim for a perfect community, pure and free of conflict. But the gap can be narrowed.

What I am not aiming for is to:

 Neither neo-liberalism or neo-conservatism are the answer but nor is radical socialism, ecologic purism or any other ism from the left.   

Some ideas that will be explored: